Over de kunst van Robert Webster maakte de Poolse regisseur Andrzej Papuzinski, een film getiteld "Gdzie Wiatr Poniesie" (Wherever the wind blows). Premiére Zamek Królewski, Warschau 1991 en Filmmuseum, Amsterdam 1992.

De film is o.a. vertoond op de International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam IDFA 1994; de film is opgenomen in het officiële filmbestand van Centre Georges Pompidou Parijs 1997.

2010 La Vie, La Folie, The Genesis of a Painting, 15 min., a film made by Robert Webster
In the period from the 15th February to 9th June 2002, Robert Webster, his wife Mathilde Steenbeek and their son Mattheus lived in the Vijfde Seizoen (Fifth Season) of the Altrecht psychiatric centre in Den Dolder.
On the Willem Arnzt Farm, which is also part of the Altrecht Mental Health Centre, is a pavilion, called the Vijfde Seizoen ( Fifth Season), which is furnished as a living and studio space.
Every season an artist is invited to work there, I moved my Amsterdam studio to the fifth Season.

What should I do here with my family and myself? Make portraits of the patients or set up a creative course for them?
I have finally chosen to remain close to my own work by creating a large painting in which the theme “La Vie, La Folie” would play a major role.
An important part of my artistic work is about human; about the wonder of life and death; about transience.
The new accomodation had a lot to do with these concerns. A psychiatric hospital wit hits different departments, where both psychosis and death are very present.
The silken thread between being sane and being insane.

The movie is about making that big painting. Everything what had led to it , the organisation of the persons, the animals, the symbols. An analysis of the sources of inspiration. Besides the Construction of the painting has been shown.
The film is not a documentary about a psychiatric hospital but by that hospital inspired movie like poem.

2016 Memories of Warsaw, 41 min., a film made by Robert Webster.

The Dutch painter Robert Webster graduated in 1967 from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Through a cultural exchange agreement he then studied from December 1967 to October 1969 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

During the opening of his exhibition in 2011 in Museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen he relives his time in Warsaw and in 2015 he returned to that city to search for his former sources of inspiration. He tries in the film to the audience watching as he looks. In the movie is shown what he saw in Warsaw in 1967/69. The reason why the city of Warsaw looked like that, the atmosphere in the communist period, and what he has done as an artist with this all and the paintings, prints and drawings he has made from it in the subsequent years (1967-2013)


Winner Best Documentary Short Top Indie Films Awards 2018, USA
Golden Palm,  Arte Non Stop Film Festival, Buenos Airs, Argentina, 2016.
Diamond Award, California Film Awards, San Diego, USA. 2017
American Movie Award, Winner, Winner, USA. 2017
Polish International Film Festival, Best Short Film, Warschau, Poland. 2017
Finalist Near Nazareth Film Festival, Israël. 2017
Semi Finalist Los Angeles Cine Fest, USA.
Bronze Award, NYC Indie Film Awards, Best Documentary, 2017
Silver Award L.A. Shorts Award, Best Documentary 2017.
Diamond Award, Mind Field Filmfestival, Los Angeles,2017, Best short Documentary, USA.2017.
Platinum Award, West Wing Film Competition, Los Angeles, USA, 2018. 

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